Company of the Broken Head

Session 2: Barry, Garry, Gnolls, and Descendants

PLAYERS: Daniel, Jeremy, Michelle

Kal forbade the party from engaging with Dwahvel any further, and they abided by his wishes. They focussed on the training of the new recruits instead, and engaged in a live fire exercise of hunting some Gnoll bandits that had been preying on travellers nearby. Ava began to form a friendship with Frida, a halfling rogue recruit. Duncan planted the seed of a 'Brawler's Club' in Barry and Garry' minds. They recruited a new fighter for the Company by the name of Eben, paying off his gambling debts.

Frida located the descendant of Genthos (the owner of the sword hilt). It was a tiny unassuming fisherman by the name of Atros. As a result, Ava was promoted to Sergeant, and given the title of Spymaster.

Preparations were made to travel to Kuldahar once the settler group arrived in Easthaven.



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