Company of the Broken Head

Session 3: The Road to Kuldahar

Players: Jeremy, Daniel, Michelle, Grant, Ashleigh

At last, the settlers arrived in Easthaven, and after an evening of frenzied preparation, the company and settler caravan headed off to Kuldahar, some 300 strong. The settlers have been travelling for months and are eager to finally put down roots with a new chance at life.

The company quickly established that the settler's seemed to answer to 2 people in particular. Oddleif, a white cloaked rider carried significant influence with them, as did Finn, a bookish man with a distinct scar on his neck. Oddleif requested that the command group break up the pairing of Hogar and Othga, as these men were busy carrying out a bitter family feud. Lt. Sin sent Corp. Fibley to do it, and Corp. Fibley promptly forgot. Later the situation would be resolved.  Fibley was sentenced to therapy sessions with Gideon, priest of Sune, and Saffie (Gideon's acolyte) serves as his occasional minder and reminder. Hera divined the weather from the rocks (don't ask me how, dwarves can be mysterious).

With Hogar and Othga split up, the next challenge came in the form of food supplies disappearing from one quarter of the caravan train. Frida and Finn both reported to Ava that they believed a corpulent and horrendous child named Justin was the culprit. Although the situation almost got out of hand, Captain Garros stepped in with a shocking claim – Justin is one of his sons. He took charge of the child, and ensured supplies were replenished.

As the group made camp over the next few nights, Fibley failed to impress the settlers with his musical talents, but used them to assist a young dwarven Private by the name of Beskus in his wooing of Hera. Fibley went on to befriend Finn and his daughter Mara, and spent a lot of time in their wagon reading. Hera continued with maintenance of the camp's equipment.

The weather turned sour, and the group was forced to find shelter. Private Ozgrosh, a half orc ranger, discovered a large cave, once inhabited by a dragon, now empty. The entire caravan moved to take shelter. However, upon arrival, Barry and Garry Nobbs found a man camping in a nook. Ava attempted to steal from him, unsuccessfully. He introduced himself as Art, and asked to be left alone. Fibley however, took to seducing him. Whilst Fibley had Art engaged, Ava attempted once more to steal Art's dagger. The result was a psychic scream, and she chose to drop the matter. In the morning, Art was gone. The red Calimshanian coin he gave to Fibley was soon passed on to Finn. All the other party members have a Netherese coin (Fibley gave his away too).

The storm had passed and the caravan pushed on. Justin lost considerable weight under his father's new regime, and indeed, may have proved his worth. One day out of Kuldahar, as the group neared the top of a treacherous mountain pass, he raised a finger, pointed and said





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