Company of the Broken Head

Session 5: The Black Wolf

PLAYERS: Daniel, Michelle, Bryn, Richard

Licking its wounds, the Company rested in Kuldahar before they travelled back to Waterdeep, to deal with the succession crisis (who will own the company, who will run it), based on Commander Kal'nerion's  will. The party attended the ceremonial funeral for those lost in the ambush by the Frost Giants. In the dying light, Frederico, sketching on a cliffside, could hear yetis yawping and calling in the distance. Meanwhile, Garry Nobbs elected to keep his dead brother's hand in the hopes of resurrecting him at some point.

A gnomish wake was held in the local inn, and proved to be a mostly fun affair (one fight was avoided completely). Jin was gifted some teas by a local beauty. Commander Sin'dariel called the command group his room to break some bad news: The Company was in danger of going bankrupt, unless they could find another thousand gold pieces within the next three weeks. However, he had uncovered a legend of an ancient king whose tomb was in the area. Despite some misgivings, he suggested that the command group, accompanied by Ozgrosh, go and scout the tomb. The wake continued, and after an epic meeting of the Brawling Club.

At dawn, the group set out. Upon nearing the pass where the tomb was rumoured to exist, the party encountered a group of yetis. There was something clearly wrong with the beasts. They ignored the mercenaries entirely, yawping at each other, occasionally eating one of their dead. The corpse had several large tumours, black and purple in colour. The mercs took one for study, and pressed on, and entered the valley containing the tomb of the Black Wolf.

After some investigation, they discovered the tomb entrance. However, it was blocked by a rockfall, so they made their way inside via some nearby caves. They encountered a carrion crawler, and  more yeti corpses, inflicted with the strange cancer they had previously seen. Soon enough they found their way into the burial chamber where the ghost of Kresselack, the Black Wolf resided.

After some discussion, they agreed to release Kresselack into death. His payment to them was his sword and armour, and the gold in the tomb – 2000gp, enough to cover the company's expenses. By the time they returned, all the yetis in the pass were dead.

The Company of the Broken Head packs its bags, and heads for Waterdeep.



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