Company of the Broken Head

Session 6

The return to Waterdeep

Players: Dan, Michelle, Bryn, Richard

The Company made a slow return over 3 weeks to Waterdeep, where they are based. Upon arrival, Sin'dariel organised accommodations at Garuheim's Sauna. Frederico refused the promotion to Corporal that was offered to him, instead accepting Private First Class. Ozgrosh (who acquired a Sand Dragon whilst travelling) accepted, and is now a Corporal.

Sin laid out clear rules for the Company's behaviour whilst in Waterdeep. He then spoke to the command group, and laid out 2 tasks for them: Recruitment, focussed on more experienced mercs, and specifically, one more mage and one more ranger. To this end, Jin began avertising an archery competition. the group would also have to review the 2 Sembian contracts being offered to the Company.

The command group travelled later that night to The Spiked Gauntlet, a local bar and fighting pit. Sgt. Duncan engaged in some mildly illegal betting, placing bets for Garry Nobbs. Many of the company members engaged in pit fighting. 

Also in attendance were Haggarth's Heroes, a rival mercenary company. Haggarth had little time for our party, although Ava felt that she had managed to 'befriend' Helindra, Haggarth's paramour and lieutenant (in actual fact, Ava had been charmed). Helindra provided the name of Rither, a mage who might be suitable for recruitment.

Watching the pit fights, one fighter stood out: Ellas, a female half-elf. With the burden of her drug addicted brother, the decision was made to recruit her anyway. Also recruited was a dwarf by the name of Bori. 

Frederico and Grauld made their way to the docks late at night, and found another likely recruit: Hannah.

 The following morning, Rither was recruited from Blackstaff Tower on condition that no one interfere with his research. Hannah (a religious zealot mage, following Corellan Larethian) was recruited, on the stipulation that she may break contract if her morals and religious beliefs are offended. Finally, a sage by the name of Aylfleard, presented himself, looking for a job. He was referred to Captain Sin'dariel.

The archery contest was a success, despite Fibley forgetting to provide entertainment halfway through the event. A bard, Alyn, was hired, as were a number of other green recruits. The most notable of these was Brosi, a Calimshanian who favoured curved throwing knives.

The command group met with the 2 Sembian groups, and fielded their offers. House Talendar are looking for mercs to prevent their ships being attacked by – I shit you not now – zombie pirates. Or some sort of undead. They are only willing to pay 10 000gp up front, but state that you will keep all loot from the undead scourge, and if the attacks cease altogether for 3 weeks, there will be a 20000gp bonus, atop a 15000gp completion fee. The contract will take as long as necessary. There is a 25 person death clause.

House Baerodreemer are looking to protect their assets (virile males) within Selgaunt as several of their nobles have been attacked recently.They are willing to pay the full fee of 15000gp up front, with a bonus of 1000gp for each day that you arrive early. The contract is expected to be between 1 and 3 months long. A completion fee of 10000gp will be paid.There is a 30 person death clause.

The Company now discusses the merits of these contracts, and which way forward is best, all while awaiting Captain Sin'dariel and Captain Garros' return from Kal'nerion's funeral…



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