Company of the Broken Head

Sessions 4a & 4b: The Dread Pass

Players 4a: Jeremy, Michelle, Sarah, Richard "Lord Peanut"

Players 4b: Daniel, Ashleigh, Bryn, Grant  "Lord Towers"

Suddenly faced by an assault of Frost Giants as the Company navigated a mountain pass, orders raced down the line. Al, a halfling corporal, struggled to maintain order amongst the settlers. Lt. Sin'dariel used his magic to great effect, putting 3 giants to sleep, which caused one to fall into the path of the Company. Frederico, Ava, Al, Frida and Garry Nobbs did what the Company does best – run behind Cpatain Garros and murder the stuff he points at. 

At the back of the line, the settlers moved too slowly. With the frost giants barely within range, only Coporal Jin (aided by the song of Fibley) made significant damage to one of their number. Pressed on both sides, a voice whispered to Sgt . Duncan. He and Hera obeyed, and discovered an underground pass. As they smashed the slate rock blocking the entrance, Barry Nobbs fired, killing one of the Frost giants.

A moment later there was a double slam of rocks.

Commander Kal'Nerion was killed at the front of the column. Barry Nobbs was killed at the back.

At the rear, the settlers quickly made their way into the cave. At the front, they surged forward, the Frost giant blocking their way now dead. Lt. Sin's wild magic triggered summoning a unicorn. He maintained his magical control of the giants. There was a voice in a strange language, which no one understood but everyone heard. It triggered spells put in place beorehand and brought an avalanche down, splitting the settlers.

The Western group in the front pushed forward. After hours after hard marching, they rested. Frederico and Ava returned to scout the battlefield. The pass was blocked. There was no sign of survivors. They returned to camp and in low spirits, the remaining 40 settlers and 14 mercenaries meted out their meagre supplies. 

The Eastern group had escaped largely unscathed into the cave. Hera was able to determine that this was an old stone worm tunnel – which meant that it had to come out somewhere. They scouted ahead. At some point, one of the settlers was snatched from his cart. At alert, the mercenaries waited. A private named Romulus heard something above them. Lighting an arrow, Corporal Jin fired at the roof, revealing a rag-clad human with extremely pale skin. With a great screech, it turned itself invisible. However, Arcanist Steveren was able to dispel the effect. Fibley leapt to the top of a cart and began his attack. Jin joined battle, and Hera threw her handaxes.

The Western group camped in a copse of trees, and were ready to settle for the night, when suddenly the howl of wolves coursed in over the night air. with some time to prepare, Ava set traps, Frederico salted the earth with caltrops, and a plan was made. The wolves were quickly defeated, and the settler ate well that night. The 14 mercenaries of the Western group, promised Wolfshead cloaks, have taken to calling themselves Wolf Squadron.

In the cavern, the Black Ghost was dead. Wearing a cursed magical ring, it is bound to feed. Finn told of his history with the creature, and how it seeks minds that are knowledgable. He urged the party to destroy the artifact. A lottery was drawn. Either Duncan, Jin or Hera now has the cursed ring, and may do with it what they please.

It took the Eastern group 4 days to clear the cavern. When they did, they had run out of food. Sgt. Duncan started hearing voices in his head again, but this time everyone else heard it too. Speaking as a small female child, the voice identified itself as Friend, the Daughter of Lathander. It provided food for the settlers when Duncan agreed to become her First Priest.

Another day's journey, and the Eastern group arrived in Kuldahar. Garry Nobbs was the outrider sent to meet them. He was visibly shocked by the lack of his brother amongst the faces. Nonetheless he carried out his duties. 

Arriving in Kuldahar, Captain Garros greeted the Eastern Party with a formal invitation to salute.

All hail Commander Sin'dariel.



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