Commander Kal'Nerion Narueth

The Elven Lord who commands The Company of the Broken Heads


Commander Kal is the leader of the Broken Heads. He is a terse, quiet elf, some 500 years old. He commands the main company, although it is known that the company has a second arm base out in the Dalelands.

He appears to be at odds with his second in command, Captain Garros, quite often, and their styles of leadership vary wildly. For his part, Kal often feels bound by his words and honour, and almost slavishly works to improve and maintain the Company’s good name/standing.

When not commanding the shield wall or the ranged division, the Commander is most often at peace with a book, smoking his pipe, or tending to Company matters with his distant cousin, Lieutenant Sin’dariel Narueth.


Kal’nerion Narueth was born in the Dalelands, and his family has holdings in Waterdeep, Cormyr and Daggerdale. He is the youngest of 5 children, and hence not close to the line of succession. After many years spent travelling and adventuring, and some time spent as a sage-in-learning at Candlekeep, he decided to form the Company to assist (and profit) from those who required assistance, but on a larger scale that would not suit individual adventuring parties and their extortionate rates.

He is a devotee of Ilmater, the God of Suffering.

Commander Kal'Nerion Narueth

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