Captain Sin'dariel Mal'eval Narueth

A wild magic sorcerer who also attends to the Company's book-keeping and administrative records.


Captain Sin has been with the Company for 20 months, and has quickly become invaluable to Commander Kal and Captain Garros for both his magic and his prowess with contracts and legal matters. Since the death of Commander Kal, he has taken on leadership of the Company of the Broken Head.

He is played by Jeremy.


Sin hails from the Waterdhavian arm of the Narueth family. He is distantly related to Commander Kal, although they do not have a close relationship beyond that of working together.

He is largely considered the black sheep of the family once his magic manifested and proved to be ‘wild’. He has six siblings.

Captain Sin'dariel Mal'eval Narueth

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