Spymistress Ava

A half-elf rogue, recently promoted


Ava is quick to use her charm to get herself out of situations that her sticky fingers have gotten her into. Within the company, she serves in either the ranged or flanking divisions, and (more recently) as a spymistress and intelligence gatherer. She is currently mentoring Frida in the ways of the rogue, and seems to have a genuine affinity for the halfling.

She is played by Michelle.


Ava is the child of an elven Lord and a human commoner. Their family was banished for her father’s indiscretions, and lived in poverty. Her mother sickened and died across a long winter, and Ava took to thieving in order help support her family. She joined the Company of the Broken Head roughly a year ago.

Spymistress Ava

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