Company of the Broken Head

Session 2: Barry, Garry, Gnolls, and Descendants

PLAYERS: Daniel, Jeremy, Michelle

Kal forbade the party from engaging with Dwahvel any further, and they abided by his wishes. They focussed on the training of the new recruits instead, and engaged in a live fire exercise of hunting some Gnoll bandits that had been preying on travellers nearby. Ava began to form a friendship with Frida, a halfling rogue recruit. Duncan planted the seed of a 'Brawler's Club' in Barry and Garry' minds. They recruited a new fighter for the Company by the name of Eben, paying off his gambling debts.

Frida located the descendant of Genthos (the owner of the sword hilt). It was a tiny unassuming fisherman by the name of Atros. As a result, Ava was promoted to Sergeant, and given the title of Spymaster.

Preparations were made to travel to Kuldahar once the settler group arrived in Easthaven.

Session 1: The arrival in Easthaven

PLAYERS: Daniel, Jeremy

Commander Kal and Captain Garros called for Lieut Sin and Sarge Duncan to join them for breakfast. The company of the broken head was camped outside Easthaven. The lesser officers were charged with entering the village to recruit a few more hands to bring the company’s strength back up to full power. They left early, and quickly resolved 2 problems in the town: They saved a young boy from being eaten by wolves in a barn owned by Dwahvel Shortleaf, and they talked to a Selkie, who handed them the hilt to a greatsword of immense power. They have not yet found the owner.

Later they spoke with Hrothgar who told them of his troubles with the dwarven trade ambassadors. The players met with Thibbledworf pwent and convinced him to sign a five year deal. They assisted a local fisherman called Nobby with a plan for sustainable fishing. Nobby’s sons joined the company. They joined Dwahvel for dinner, but were recalled to camp immediately upon a note reaching Kal that asked about Crenshinibon.


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