Company of the Broken Head

Session 6
The return to Waterdeep

Players: Dan, Michelle, Bryn, Richard

The Company made a slow return over 3 weeks to Waterdeep, where they are based. Upon arrival, Sin'dariel organised accommodations at Garuheim's Sauna. Frederico refused the promotion to Corporal that was offered to him, instead accepting Private First Class. Ozgrosh (who acquired a Sand Dragon whilst travelling) accepted, and is now a Corporal.

Sin laid out clear rules for the Company's behaviour whilst in Waterdeep. He then spoke to the command group, and laid out 2 tasks for them: Recruitment, focussed on more experienced mercs, and specifically, one more mage and one more ranger. To this end, Jin began avertising an archery competition. the group would also have to review the 2 Sembian contracts being offered to the Company.

The command group travelled later that night to The Spiked Gauntlet, a local bar and fighting pit. Sgt. Duncan engaged in some mildly illegal betting, placing bets for Garry Nobbs. Many of the company members engaged in pit fighting. 

Also in attendance were Haggarth's Heroes, a rival mercenary company. Haggarth had little time for our party, although Ava felt that she had managed to 'befriend' Helindra, Haggarth's paramour and lieutenant (in actual fact, Ava had been charmed). Helindra provided the name of Rither, a mage who might be suitable for recruitment.

Watching the pit fights, one fighter stood out: Ellas, a female half-elf. With the burden of her drug addicted brother, the decision was made to recruit her anyway. Also recruited was a dwarf by the name of Bori. 

Frederico and Grauld made their way to the docks late at night, and found another likely recruit: Hannah.

 The following morning, Rither was recruited from Blackstaff Tower on condition that no one interfere with his research. Hannah (a religious zealot mage, following Corellan Larethian) was recruited, on the stipulation that she may break contract if her morals and religious beliefs are offended. Finally, a sage by the name of Aylfleard, presented himself, looking for a job. He was referred to Captain Sin'dariel.

The archery contest was a success, despite Fibley forgetting to provide entertainment halfway through the event. A bard, Alyn, was hired, as were a number of other green recruits. The most notable of these was Brosi, a Calimshanian who favoured curved throwing knives.

The command group met with the 2 Sembian groups, and fielded their offers. House Talendar are looking for mercs to prevent their ships being attacked by – I shit you not now – zombie pirates. Or some sort of undead. They are only willing to pay 10 000gp up front, but state that you will keep all loot from the undead scourge, and if the attacks cease altogether for 3 weeks, there will be a 20000gp bonus, atop a 15000gp completion fee. The contract will take as long as necessary. There is a 25 person death clause.

House Baerodreemer are looking to protect their assets (virile males) within Selgaunt as several of their nobles have been attacked recently.They are willing to pay the full fee of 15000gp up front, with a bonus of 1000gp for each day that you arrive early. The contract is expected to be between 1 and 3 months long. A completion fee of 10000gp will be paid.There is a 30 person death clause.

The Company now discusses the merits of these contracts, and which way forward is best, all while awaiting Captain Sin'dariel and Captain Garros' return from Kal'nerion's funeral…

Session 5: The Black Wolf

PLAYERS: Daniel, Michelle, Bryn, Richard

Licking its wounds, the Company rested in Kuldahar before they travelled back to Waterdeep, to deal with the succession crisis (who will own the company, who will run it), based on Commander Kal'nerion's  will. The party attended the ceremonial funeral for those lost in the ambush by the Frost Giants. In the dying light, Frederico, sketching on a cliffside, could hear yetis yawping and calling in the distance. Meanwhile, Garry Nobbs elected to keep his dead brother's hand in the hopes of resurrecting him at some point.

A gnomish wake was held in the local inn, and proved to be a mostly fun affair (one fight was avoided completely). Jin was gifted some teas by a local beauty. Commander Sin'dariel called the command group his room to break some bad news: The Company was in danger of going bankrupt, unless they could find another thousand gold pieces within the next three weeks. However, he had uncovered a legend of an ancient king whose tomb was in the area. Despite some misgivings, he suggested that the command group, accompanied by Ozgrosh, go and scout the tomb. The wake continued, and after an epic meeting of the Brawling Club.

At dawn, the group set out. Upon nearing the pass where the tomb was rumoured to exist, the party encountered a group of yetis. There was something clearly wrong with the beasts. They ignored the mercenaries entirely, yawping at each other, occasionally eating one of their dead. The corpse had several large tumours, black and purple in colour. The mercs took one for study, and pressed on, and entered the valley containing the tomb of the Black Wolf.

After some investigation, they discovered the tomb entrance. However, it was blocked by a rockfall, so they made their way inside via some nearby caves. They encountered a carrion crawler, and  more yeti corpses, inflicted with the strange cancer they had previously seen. Soon enough they found their way into the burial chamber where the ghost of Kresselack, the Black Wolf resided.

After some discussion, they agreed to release Kresselack into death. His payment to them was his sword and armour, and the gold in the tomb – 2000gp, enough to cover the company's expenses. By the time they returned, all the yetis in the pass were dead.

The Company of the Broken Head packs its bags, and heads for Waterdeep.

Sessions 4a & 4b: The Dread Pass

Players 4a: Jeremy, Michelle, Sarah, Richard "Lord Peanut"

Players 4b: Daniel, Ashleigh, Bryn, Grant  "Lord Towers"

Suddenly faced by an assault of Frost Giants as the Company navigated a mountain pass, orders raced down the line. Al, a halfling corporal, struggled to maintain order amongst the settlers. Lt. Sin'dariel used his magic to great effect, putting 3 giants to sleep, which caused one to fall into the path of the Company. Frederico, Ava, Al, Frida and Garry Nobbs did what the Company does best – run behind Cpatain Garros and murder the stuff he points at. 

At the back of the line, the settlers moved too slowly. With the frost giants barely within range, only Coporal Jin (aided by the song of Fibley) made significant damage to one of their number. Pressed on both sides, a voice whispered to Sgt . Duncan. He and Hera obeyed, and discovered an underground pass. As they smashed the slate rock blocking the entrance, Barry Nobbs fired, killing one of the Frost giants.

A moment later there was a double slam of rocks.

Commander Kal'Nerion was killed at the front of the column. Barry Nobbs was killed at the back.

At the rear, the settlers quickly made their way into the cave. At the front, they surged forward, the Frost giant blocking their way now dead. Lt. Sin's wild magic triggered summoning a unicorn. He maintained his magical control of the giants. There was a voice in a strange language, which no one understood but everyone heard. It triggered spells put in place beorehand and brought an avalanche down, splitting the settlers.

The Western group in the front pushed forward. After hours after hard marching, they rested. Frederico and Ava returned to scout the battlefield. The pass was blocked. There was no sign of survivors. They returned to camp and in low spirits, the remaining 40 settlers and 14 mercenaries meted out their meagre supplies. 

The Eastern group had escaped largely unscathed into the cave. Hera was able to determine that this was an old stone worm tunnel – which meant that it had to come out somewhere. They scouted ahead. At some point, one of the settlers was snatched from his cart. At alert, the mercenaries waited. A private named Romulus heard something above them. Lighting an arrow, Corporal Jin fired at the roof, revealing a rag-clad human with extremely pale skin. With a great screech, it turned itself invisible. However, Arcanist Steveren was able to dispel the effect. Fibley leapt to the top of a cart and began his attack. Jin joined battle, and Hera threw her handaxes.

The Western group camped in a copse of trees, and were ready to settle for the night, when suddenly the howl of wolves coursed in over the night air. with some time to prepare, Ava set traps, Frederico salted the earth with caltrops, and a plan was made. The wolves were quickly defeated, and the settler ate well that night. The 14 mercenaries of the Western group, promised Wolfshead cloaks, have taken to calling themselves Wolf Squadron.

In the cavern, the Black Ghost was dead. Wearing a cursed magical ring, it is bound to feed. Finn told of his history with the creature, and how it seeks minds that are knowledgable. He urged the party to destroy the artifact. A lottery was drawn. Either Duncan, Jin or Hera now has the cursed ring, and may do with it what they please.

It took the Eastern group 4 days to clear the cavern. When they did, they had run out of food. Sgt. Duncan started hearing voices in his head again, but this time everyone else heard it too. Speaking as a small female child, the voice identified itself as Friend, the Daughter of Lathander. It provided food for the settlers when Duncan agreed to become her First Priest.

Another day's journey, and the Eastern group arrived in Kuldahar. Garry Nobbs was the outrider sent to meet them. He was visibly shocked by the lack of his brother amongst the faces. Nonetheless he carried out his duties. 

Arriving in Kuldahar, Captain Garros greeted the Eastern Party with a formal invitation to salute.

All hail Commander Sin'dariel.

Session 3: The Road to Kuldahar

Players: Jeremy, Daniel, Michelle, Grant, Ashleigh

At last, the settlers arrived in Easthaven, and after an evening of frenzied preparation, the company and settler caravan headed off to Kuldahar, some 300 strong. The settlers have been travelling for months and are eager to finally put down roots with a new chance at life.

The company quickly established that the settler's seemed to answer to 2 people in particular. Oddleif, a white cloaked rider carried significant influence with them, as did Finn, a bookish man with a distinct scar on his neck. Oddleif requested that the command group break up the pairing of Hogar and Othga, as these men were busy carrying out a bitter family feud. Lt. Sin sent Corp. Fibley to do it, and Corp. Fibley promptly forgot. Later the situation would be resolved.  Fibley was sentenced to therapy sessions with Gideon, priest of Sune, and Saffie (Gideon's acolyte) serves as his occasional minder and reminder. Hera divined the weather from the rocks (don't ask me how, dwarves can be mysterious).

With Hogar and Othga split up, the next challenge came in the form of food supplies disappearing from one quarter of the caravan train. Frida and Finn both reported to Ava that they believed a corpulent and horrendous child named Justin was the culprit. Although the situation almost got out of hand, Captain Garros stepped in with a shocking claim – Justin is one of his sons. He took charge of the child, and ensured supplies were replenished.

As the group made camp over the next few nights, Fibley failed to impress the settlers with his musical talents, but used them to assist a young dwarven Private by the name of Beskus in his wooing of Hera. Fibley went on to befriend Finn and his daughter Mara, and spent a lot of time in their wagon reading. Hera continued with maintenance of the camp's equipment.

The weather turned sour, and the group was forced to find shelter. Private Ozgrosh, a half orc ranger, discovered a large cave, once inhabited by a dragon, now empty. The entire caravan moved to take shelter. However, upon arrival, Barry and Garry Nobbs found a man camping in a nook. Ava attempted to steal from him, unsuccessfully. He introduced himself as Art, and asked to be left alone. Fibley however, took to seducing him. Whilst Fibley had Art engaged, Ava attempted once more to steal Art's dagger. The result was a psychic scream, and she chose to drop the matter. In the morning, Art was gone. The red Calimshanian coin he gave to Fibley was soon passed on to Finn. All the other party members have a Netherese coin (Fibley gave his away too).

The storm had passed and the caravan pushed on. Justin lost considerable weight under his father's new regime, and indeed, may have proved his worth. One day out of Kuldahar, as the group neared the top of a treacherous mountain pass, he raised a finger, pointed and said



Session 2: Barry, Garry, Gnolls, and Descendants

PLAYERS: Daniel, Jeremy, Michelle

Kal forbade the party from engaging with Dwahvel any further, and they abided by his wishes. They focussed on the training of the new recruits instead, and engaged in a live fire exercise of hunting some Gnoll bandits that had been preying on travellers nearby. Ava began to form a friendship with Frida, a halfling rogue recruit. Duncan planted the seed of a 'Brawler's Club' in Barry and Garry' minds. They recruited a new fighter for the Company by the name of Eben, paying off his gambling debts.

Frida located the descendant of Genthos (the owner of the sword hilt). It was a tiny unassuming fisherman by the name of Atros. As a result, Ava was promoted to Sergeant, and given the title of Spymaster.

Preparations were made to travel to Kuldahar once the settler group arrived in Easthaven.

Session 1: The arrival in Easthaven

PLAYERS: Daniel, Jeremy

Commander Kal and Captain Garros called for Lieut Sin and Sarge Duncan to join them for breakfast. The company of the broken head was camped outside Easthaven. The lesser officers were charged with entering the village to recruit a few more hands to bring the company’s strength back up to full power. They left early, and quickly resolved 2 problems in the town: They saved a young boy from being eaten by wolves in a barn owned by Dwahvel Shortleaf, and they talked to a Selkie, who handed them the hilt to a greatsword of immense power. They have not yet found the owner.

Later they spoke with Hrothgar who told them of his troubles with the dwarven trade ambassadors. The players met with Thibbledworf pwent and convinced him to sign a five year deal. They assisted a local fisherman called Nobby with a plan for sustainable fishing. Nobby’s sons joined the company. They joined Dwahvel for dinner, but were recalled to camp immediately upon a note reaching Kal that asked about Crenshinibon.


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