Captain Garros Gerns

The quick tempered Company Captain who is permanently in a bad mood.


Captain Garros Gerns is a hulking man who seems always to be scowling. Hard-drinking and hard fighting, he is more concerned about Company profit than the troops’ safety, which often puts him at odds with Commander Kal. That said, he is an excellent fighter in the shield wall, a strong leader, and the only remaining member of the original company.

Garros will not hesitate to put Company members in danger, nor to place himself in the line of fire.


Garros was born and raised in Luskan, and started his fighting career as a pit-fighter/gladiator there. He later joined the City Watch but was expelled for the murder of a fellow watchman. He fled Luskan, and is still wanted there for execution (with a standing bounty of 1000gp). He is rumored to have had 8 wives, one of whom lives in Kuldahar, in Icewind Dale. He has recently taken possession of one of his sons, Justin, and is training him/keeping him from eating all the way through the food stores.

Captain Garros Gerns

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